The first try. dream came true

The base for my "Threek" named project was an incomplete Harley- Davidson® WLA, disassembled and in bad condition.
Later I got two frames ruined by a rear wheel rocker arm in the postwar years.

After a long time of planning the restoration of the old motorcycle and the construcion of the Threek® ought to be a present for Harley Davidsons 100th anniversary from my friend Ralf Petzold and me.

A reverse

The almost finished Threek stood in my garage close to the river Elbe in august 2002 during the century flood, which flooded the vehicle for days.
Restorator Ralf had to disassemble and restorate everything for the second time.

Finally the Threek was ready for trial in april 2004.
On 23rd of June 2004 I drove the first rally on my own. The only engineering problem was the front wheel brakes got too hot when I drove downhill.
In the next rally, this time with Peter Kleinert as my brave co-driver, we only lost a nut off of the pillion seat.

At the beginning of 2005 we began to make blueprints of a modern Threek.

The company "RuKo" is specialized on motorcycle combinations (motorcycles with sidecars). They invented a new construction of the front wheel guidance. The part where the front wheel is fixed at the motorcycle.
We were convinced by their engineering know how and their constructional solutions especially since we did not know how to build such a difficult part.
So we asked the company "RuKo" to construct the front wheel guidance for the Threek.

The actual stage of development of our Threek® could be seen on the trade fair "Faszination Motorrad 2007” (= "fascination motorcycle 2007") in Sinsheim.

In september 2009 - after some steering tests - a symmetrical deviation near the central position has been discovered. The directional stability wasn't optimal. For the ideal steering trapeze the front spring strut adaptors have to be relocated outwards by 25 mm. All steering arms have to be engineered one more time.

In the meantime, nose spoiler for better air guidance to cool the engine, the oil tank, a panel for the battery and bord electric and the stainless steel luggage rack are ready. Oil cooler and the brackets for the mufflers (Road King®) and tandem main brake cylinder are installed.

On June 13th 2012 the Threek has been loaded and brought to Ralfs garage for wiring the electrical system.

On September 9th 2012 the Threek drove for the first time on an airfield. Unfortunately after 4km test ride the used gear box blocked out. On the spur of the moment it was scrapped.
Ralf decided to use a new BAKER 6-speed transmission with reverse gear. For that we need to rebuild the rear wheel hub, the countershaft and the engine mount.

Ralf assembled the engine and the Baker gearbox. After that all necessary changes have been done by Steffen Kunert. Within 8 months the following component groups have been engineered again:
rear wheel hub with other brake rotor disks and calipers with parking brake, caliper mounting, fender mounting on one side, countershaft with bevel wheel, manifold with collector made of VA, battery box, electronic box, gearshift, engine gearbox mounting with cylinder brace.

Since may 21st 2013 the Threek is standing on 3 wheels again.

Currently brake pipes, fuel withdrawal lines and electrical wiring are installed.

In january 2014 the roadworthy Threek has been shown on exhibition "Sachsenkrad" the trade fair for motorcycles in saxony.

We already drove a few kilometers. While the test driving I discovered that the front axle which was designed by Ruko with a vertical standing steering axle and 65mm positive roll radius is understeering and the outer wheel is sliding in curves at higher speed. This was an unsatisfying driveability. Now a steering axle with negative roll radius which is leant inwards will be constructed. I think the steering forces will be less and the known self-correcting characteristics if just one front wheel hits a lane groove or a pothole will be noticeable.

On December 18th 2015 the Threek got it's registration and can now be driven on public roads.